2015 Taos Summer Writers’ Conference Workshop: Mastering Memoir at Any Length

Like children angling to eavesdrop on fascinating adult conversations, readers are hungry to read frank, beautifully written memoir that demonstrates how to “do life”—transcend loss, find love, live up to potential, access mirth, and grasp dreams. Are you ready to transform your own journey, and share your valuable offering with the world?

Writing good memoir is a virtuoso act, an alchemy of wisdom, wit, structure, and pacing. Universal themes are seen through the lens of the writer’s unique experiences, shared via their singular voice. In this class for all levels, award-winning memoirist, magazine editor, and essayist Candace Walsh presents concrete steps that lead your writing to connect with, hook, and transform your audience. Walsh’s lively teaching will be peppered with writing exercises, class participation, and Q&A. You’ll learn how to infuse essays and articles with memoir, too.

Author It! 6 Months to Writing Your Memoir or Non-Fiction Book

Led by Candace Walsh and Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

One weekend a month, one page a day…

Publishing your book:


Sessions begin September 2015 and run through February 2016

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Visit Author-It.net for more information.

Beginning Creative Nonfiction: Epiphany Deliveries: Writing Creative Nonfiction that Sings

(Offered through Rananim, the online writing community of the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference)

In this telegraph-terse age of tweets, texts, slide shows, and sidebars, readers are craving the writing equivalent of long, engaging conversations on the front porch. Frank, witty, well-paced creative nonfiction needs to seem effortless—sentences and paragraphs unfolding in concert with the natural rhythms of our breath, our footfalls. We’re all looking for guidance on how to live, and the best creative nonfiction delivers it with grace and aplomb.

In this class, I’ll share successful, memorable examples of creative nonfiction, and will draw back the curtain to show the mechanics that contribute to their potency.

I’ll also address common concerns and challenges through writing assignments: how to develop your idea; deliver a hard-wrought message without falling into the trite trap; how to regulate intensity and infuse restraint with pleasing tension; first person vs. third person; showing vs. telling; opinion vs. fact; sharing an offering vs. navel gazing; structure; the sequence of your scenes; what to include and what to leave out. 

Ojai WordFest 2014

 Bird by Bird & Beyond with Anne Lamott

Theo Pauline Nestor

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Candace Walsh

Bird by Bird and Beyond will be a day focused on building storytelling skills and work strategies for writers and others interested in personal narrative. This event is open to everyone. No previous writing experience required.

January 18, 2014 | Petaluma, California

Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive

Julia Cameron

Natalie Goldberg

Theo Pauline Nestor

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Candace Walsh

December 6, 2013

Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa | Santa Fe, New Mexico